Changemaker in Residency weeks at Georgian

Nov. 16 to 25

What is Changemaker in Residency weeks?

Everything you ever wanted to learn about social Innovation and changemaking over eight amazing days!

Changemaker in Residency at Georgian is unlike any other online event you’ll attend in this remote reality! It is a chance to bring together students, faculty, staff, partners, educators, community members and organizations to explore changemaking and Social innovation to innovate together on the positive change we would like to see.

Dates - Nov. 16 to 25

Innovate | Connect | Thrive

Don't miss out!
Don't miss out!

Event schedule

Download your event guide with clickable links here!

One-of-a-kind programming:

Choose your own changemaking adventure by participating in interactive virtual workshops, community conversation discussions and build “innovation capital” towards changemaking skill points. You’ll get an opportunity to meet like-minded people, organizations and projects that will inform, inspire and help connect future employers to future employees.

Four themes


The social hack that lets you envision, create & enact real solutions to wicked problems
Join the movement that empowered an entire region of changemakers


How might we do what we do better?
Join the grassroots movement that empowers people to shift their mindset and evolve ideas rooted in supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - the 2030 agenda
Join changemakers across the globe by bringing innovation, empathy and awareness to the SDGs


Meet your fellow changemakers who are making “shift” happen in the world
Join us as we collectively collaborate around the SDGs and draw inspiration from our Ashoka Fellow

Four pathways

Social entrepreneur

I want to use business to affect positive social change
Attend these sessions: Social Enterprise 101, The Social Shift, The SENCO Audio Documents


I see a better way and want to use my voice to advocate for change
Attend these sessions: Compelling Conversation – SDGs, Ashoka Fellow Keynote, The GROWL live


I want to volunteer my time to help others
Attend these sessions: Home Share, Introduction to Charlie & Company, The GROWL episodes


I want to campaign or bring about political or social change
Attend these sessions: Human-centred Design workshop, Changemaking 101, SDG 101, Visual Thinking workshop

Attend from everywhere!

Participation can be in real time as well as through recorded content. This ensures everyone, from anywhere, can attend to skill build around:

  • United Nation Sustainable Development Goals
  • visual thinking for social innovation
  • building empathy in virtual collaborations
  • exploring social purpose as part of the future of work
  • new leadership models
  • mobilizing community conversations
  • social enterprise

Event schedule

Download your event guide with clickable links here!

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